Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Freemasonry from Our LeMURian Moors of AmeriKA

MU:13 | Freemansonry of the Ancient Egyptians = Free Masonic [RoyAL] Moors of Our Ancient [PrimordiAL BlaCK Dot] Soular Telepathic Egyptian Pharaohs = Hi:teKEMET.eKosmicreations from Our Ancient [Unseen = Underground] Bla.eKIN:folK = Hi:teKosmiconstellation Knowled G.E. [Freemasonry = Advanced Alkhemy Studies] from Your “deceased’ ImmortAL [∞] Bla.eKEMET.eKIN:folK = Hi:teKnowled G.E [AlkhemicALemurian Creations] from Our O’riginAL Bla.eKnights Templar [LeMURian Moors] of AmeriKA [ATLantus™] = Supreme Telepathicosmicommunications to Our Omni:versAL Blacosmicreations of Hi:teKARAMELanin [DNA RNA = supeRNAtural Blood = EXTRA BlaCKosmiconstellation MELanin = Extra SubTerrestriALs = Inter Planetary BlaCK Brotha’ Hood = Telepathic Seraphim = BlaCK Christ = BlaChrystomellos = New Ancient AlkhemicAL BlaCrystalline Race Klan of “Fallen” Arc AngELs = Supreme Galactic Federation Consul = 1st iEye LeMURian ELohims] :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: Your AncestrAL MELanin is BlaCK MA’AT Soul MagiCK… Sirius ly

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