Sunday, March 22, 2015

Densuke Watermelons are Golden

♀ AboriginAL BlaCosmic GlobAL People Health Announcement ♀ AboriginAL BlaCosmic Watermelon: The All BlaCK AncestrALkhemicAL Densuke Watermelon is the most Expensive Watermelon [Pure BlaCAlkhemicAL MELanin] in the World… It’s Harder & Moor Crisp than the generic watered down [Mainstream] American watermelon… It’s said to be Sweeter as well [tha' Blacker the Berry tha' Sweeter the MELanin = Ancient Moorish Proverb]… One AncestrALkhemicAL Watermelon can cost as much as $6,100… They grow “only” on the northern KEMETIC Japanese Island of Hokkaido [AncestrAL Hurrians] and are usually given as Rare [SpirituAL] Gifts [Offerings] ♀

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