Monday, March 30, 2015

BlaCKEMETHNIC Underworld Rulership

♀ as I Imprint My Bellicose EThereALLOY Organized [ALL BlaCKEMETHNIC Underworld] Rulership over this present Holographic Religious Gov’ment… My Hedonistic Satanic ALL Seein’ iEye of Spectacular Illuminated Neurons [SIN] has Full Telepathic Access to this 3D Misguided Censored Gov’ment of many Expired ConfidentiALkhemy [Pharmaceutical Drug War] Contracts… AboriginALemurian ImmortALkhemicALLOY Birthing Botanic Records… AboriginALegacies & Artifacts… AboriginALkhemy Funds, etc… 4 My BlaCKEMETHNIC Iniquitous Retribution ALL Seein’ Illuminati iEye Consul shall leave no Sodom & Gomorrah Tomb Vacant ♀

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