Saturday, March 28, 2015

Black Sun Physics

♀ My PrimordiAL BlaCosmic Anubis [K9 = Jackal = Canis Major = Sirius Dogstar = Dogon Constellation = Milky Way = Anubian = Nubian = Nebula] Bloodline is from Her Finest Acidic ConfidentiALkhemicALemurian eliXirs of SubAtomic Vril MELanin… 4 My Inner AncestrAL Meraki Erotic Spiritualloy Olmec [MESOpotamian = Orisha] Physics is Meticulously Tailor Made according to Her Flo’etic BluBlaCosmic Hieroglyphic Nile River of Ancient Magnetic Magnetic Telepathic BlaCarbonic Volcanic Akashic KEMETHNIC Ash :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: this is Prince Satan’s BlaCK Spirituality of Uranian Nepotistic [SUN] Physics from ATLantus™ ♀

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