Monday, March 30, 2015

Baphomet Mental of 360 Infinite Degrees

♀ My BlaCosmic Devilish Baphomet MentAL of 360 Infinite Degrees of Heavy Unescapable MentALiquefiable [BlaConcrete] Olmecian Chamber Maze is far Moor TelepathicKali Secure than their best Alcatraz Island Industry of Spilled AboriginALkhemicALLOY Bloodlines [Telepathic Atmospheric BlaCarboniconstellation Tar]… Once U enter My Demonic Euphoric Empyrean Kingdomes of ALL BlaCK AstrALkhemicALuciferian [supeRNAtural Bloodlines = EThereAL Royalty = Telepathic Lemurians = BlaCK Voodoo Bat Klan = Extra Telepathic Bat Peoples = Benin Ancestors = Gotham City = Galactic City = Secret Society = Underworld Atlantis] Cosmic People Physics [Sirius AboriginAL BlaCKEMETHNICultures of Ultra High Frequency Equilibriums]… You’ll never stray from Your Extra Telepathic Intelligent AncestrALLOY Dogon KIN:folK of Soular Psychic Sciences again ♀

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