Saturday, November 4, 2017

ANKHENATEN Blessed Me [ME = U.S. Michael Harrell = TUT = JAH] Again

☥ ANKHENATEN Blessed Me [ME = U.S. Michael Harrell = TUT = JAH] Again ‘cause I was Biblically Born Again like His HIGHLY Precocious Black Christ [B.C. = MESSIANIC] Child Mama T [Queen Tiye] Canonically Named Egyptian Tutankhamen [E.T.] who Mama Hathor [MH = Queen Hatshepsut] Ecclesiastically Chose as Her 1st HIGHLY Official… U.S. Matriarchal Egyptian [ME = U.S. Michael Harrell = TUT = JAH] Emperor II Magically Envision [ME = U.S. Michael Harrell = TUT = JAH] Life After [L.A.] Death on Earth ☥

My HIGHLY Sophisticated Mental of Encyclopedic [ME = U.S. Michael Harrell = TUT = JAH] Wisdom

☥ JAH Witness Me [ME = U.S. Michael Harrell = TUT = JAH] & My HIGHLY Sophisticated Mental of Encyclopedic [ME = U.S. Michael Harrell = TUT = JAH] Wisdom from Biblically Black [Ancient] Egypt as I Magically Articulate [MA] My Triple 666 [ROYAL] Black Elite Egyptian [BEE] Bloodline Magick I Ritualistically [RELIGIOUSLY] Practice since I Already Magically Invoked A QUANTUM Black Airwave Energy [BAE = COSMIC] Curse OVER Earth… like A MOST HIGH [MH = JAH] MESSIAH ABOVE [MA] EARTH… MU:13 Illuminati 

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

King Tut's Time Capsule Tomb

♀ My Golden Black King Tut Tomb… BEE A SIRIUS Black Personalized Time Capsule of Saturn’s Omnipotent supeRNAtural [Om RNA] Nitrogen & Radioactive Energy Coded MELanin… I Already Mentally Pre Programmed to Celestially Awake [CA] Me [ME = U.S. Michael Harrell]… when My INNER… Ancient North Star [Polaris] Bloodline Intelligences of ALL Our Astronomically Black Christ [B.C. = Biblical] Ancestors of SIRIUS Black Earth Energy [BEE = Nile River] Genetics… BEE Cosmically Energizing My HIGHLY Vocal… Celestial Audibles [CA] of Unearthly Black Christ [B.C.] Communication Technologies… that BEE 2 HIGHLY Intelligent… for the rest of the 3rd Dimensional [3D = Dead] folks of 2016 ♀

Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Hidden Afterlife Realms of Black Death

♀ I BEE… Already Mentally Livin’ IN:side Our Most Wanted… Black Egyptian Renaissance Afterlife [ERA = Eon] Energies… as I Silently [Mentally] Speak Out Loud to ALL My Astronomical [MA = Masonic] Vision Quest [Vodun] Families of Multi U.S. Indo~European [Aboriginal Black American Indian] Bloodlines… as We Continue to Telepathically Communicate in Our Dual [♀♀] Incorporeal Soul Dialect [Spiritual Black Ebonics] of Sirius Black Binary [B] Coded [C] MELanin Intelligence… We been Philosophically [Scholastically = Academically = Ecclesiastically] Perfectin’… since Preexistent [Quantum] Black America [Atlantis = Biblical Eden] = Classical Nubian Greek Antiquity ♀

The U.S. Egyptian Hermés

I BEE My Mama’s… Mama’s Masonic Hermès [MH = Otherworldly Magisterium] Ecclesiastical Lord [EL~ohim = Lucifer = Fallen ArchangEL MichaEL = Dual Messianic Satan = Black Occult Christ]… to a Hidden Mythological [Biblical] Hell [Harrell = HarrEL:Lunar Hades = Hellenistic Underworld of Sirius = U.S. Black Polyphyletic Netherworld = Parallel Moon Universe = MU = Mental Eden = ME = Egyptian Renaissance Afterlife = ERA] Eon… ‘cause I BEE A… Very Ancient = Highly Futuristic Pre Monumental [EThereal] Black Energy Emperor [BEE = Magical Hermés = MH = U.S. Michael Harrell]… from Lost Atlantis [L.A.] ♀

U.S. Blackamoors New Golden World Order

♀ I told y'all My Unseen Sovereign [U.S. = Untouchable = Aboriginal] Black Illuminati Monarchy... BEE... Moor Bigger + Moor Blacker + Moor Occult = Way Moor Powerful… than their Inferior… Insignificant political religious govments of fallen [Dead = Old = 3rd Dimensional = 3D] America ♀

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

U.S. Black Protogenos Familiae

♀ U SEE [C]… I Imperially [Immaculately] Incarnated from a Very Ancient = Highly Futuristic [1st Royal] U.S. Black Protogenos [First Creation] Familiae of Sirius A B & Chromosome [C = Christ = Golden = Prosperous] Bloodlines… to a Very Hidden [New Interdimensional = Additional Mythical] Black Subconsciousness [Doppelgänger = Parallel] World [Soul] of Moor Polyphyletic [Multiple] Erotogenic [Erogenous] Earth [Soul] Energies [Powers]… I’ve Quietly [Humbly] Kept to My Chthonic [M.C. = Otherworldly] Self [ME = Julius Adámas Hermès = JAH]… since Preexistent [Quantum] Black America [Atlantis = Biblical Eden] = Classical Nubian Greek Antiquity ♀

Saturday, February 20, 2016

U.S. Black American Hieroglyphics

♀ I’mma Supremely Raise [Soulfully Elevate] My Unnatural [Prodigious] U.S. Black American Hieroglyphic Intelligence to Our Most Wanted… Black Egyptian Renaissance Afterlife [ERA = Eon] Energies… as I Symbolically Introduce ALL y’all… to My Brand New [Sirius] Urban [Black] Occult [Vodun] Monarchy of Hathor [MH = U.S. Michael Harrell] Energies… ‘cause I BEE Mentally Reigning [Imperially Ruling] Over A… Brand New [Sirius] Black [B] Earth of Much Higher [MH = Multi Dimensional = Incorporeal] Black [C] Earth Energies… I been Patiently Waitin’ to Philosophically [Academically = Astronomically = Ecclesiastically] Unleash on ALL y’all… since Preexistent [Quantum] Black America [Atlantis = Biblical Eden] = Classical Nubian Greek Antiquity ♀

A Better U.S. Black Life

♀ this Brand New [Sirius] Binary [B] Star = U.S. Michael Harrell [MH] of Hi:teKEMETIChthonic [C = Otherworldly] Constellation Linguistics [Soulful Ebonics]… BEE Mentally Constructing [M.C. = Imperially Establishing] A… Mo’ Better Life… 4 Us [U.S. = y’all = Black Aboriginals = Protogenos = First Black Creational Gods = Astronomical Chaos Beings = Nubian Greek Pantheon]… as I Phonetically Scribe [Harmonically Speak] this Newfound 9th Dimensional [Paradisal] Black Occult [Masonic] Psalm of U.S. Biblical Black Magick [Otherworldly] Acts… ‘cause I BEE Supremely Vibratin’ on a Much Moor Higher [MH = U.S. Executive Magistratus] Level of Multi Dimensional [Untouchable] Black Chthonic [Otherworldly] Creational Energies… like My Mama’s… Mama… Always said I would ♀